Right to Know

Right to Know Information

The right to know officer (RTKO) is Edward Shingle.  Any right to know requests must be on a right to know form (below).  Requests may be done in person or by contacting the RTKO:  eshingle@donegaltownshippa.com  or mail the below form to: 

Donegal Township
P.O. Box 310
West Alexander, PA 15376

Right to Know Request Form  
Donegal Township will not receive any oral requests.  All requests will be addressed as soon as possible. We may ask why the request is being made as in some cases knowing could actually help get a better response to the request. Please allow 5 business days for a response.  The township may invoke a 30 calendar day extension if needed. This extension will be made in writing within the 5 business day window and will provide a date for the response.