Q: How do you go about getting a new subdivision approved and recorded?

A: Click here for the Answer.

Q: How do I make a road complaint?

A: Call Ed Kraushaar for road repair at (724)-681-4040.  Official complaint forms also can be obtained in the township office.

Q: When do the Supervisors meet and who can attend their meeting?

A: The 1st Thursday of every month @ 6:00 PM EST. It is a public meeting anyone can attend. If you want to be on the agenda you need to call the Municipal Office at 724-484-4017 by 4 p.m. the Thursday before the scheduled meeting.

Q: Do I need a Building Permit to add a room, deck or garage to my residence?

A: Call the Municipal Consulting at 724-263-0377.

Q: What if my public water taste or smells funny?

A: Call the Water Department 724-484 4017.

Q: What if I have stray animals in my yard?

A: Call Donegal Township 724-484-4017.

Q: What fees are charged to the public for certain services?

A: Fee Resolution 2019-1

Q: What permits and licenses are required in the township?

• Driveway Permits – $25.00 each
• Road Occupancy Permit – PennDOT Schedule
• Junkyard License – $250.00 each
• Building Permits –  The costs vary. Call the Township Office at 724-484-4017.
• Occupancy – $25 per person/family (amended 03/11/2015)

Q: How can I obtain a Donegal Township Code Book and what is the cost?

A: The Code Book is available online.


Q: How do I obtain a police report?

A: Call the police department. 724-484-4023 Cost $15.00

Q: Where do I go to vote if I live in Donegal Township?

A: On the back of your ID Registration Voting Card it tells you where to go to vote. Donegal has two voting precincts:  Donegal 2:  Sacred Heart Catholic Church Social Hall, Claysville;  and Donegal 3: Donegal Township Municipal Building 34 N Liberty Street, West Alexander.  If you need more information you can call the Voters Registration & Election Office in Washington, PA 724-228-6750

Q: Does Donegal Township have a Comprehensive Plan?

A: Yes. It is call the Donegal Township & Claysville Borough Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan. This Plan was adopted by the Supervisors of Donegal Township on February 22, 2012. You will find that plan in the Zoning Update section.

Q: Does Donegal Township have Zoning?

A: No.