Occupancy & Removal Permits

Re: Ordinance No. 96-1                                                                                                      (Ordinance 96-1 is available at the Township Office) 

This notice is for all property owners who have rental units in Donegal Township. Please have your tenants fill out the occupancy permit. A separate form is needed for each tenant. No fee is required for these tenants. This ordinance also applies to all new residents moving into Donegal Township.

Effective September 1, 2015: All new tenants/residents must fill out the occupancy permit and submit it along with a fee of $25.00 person/family.

If a tenant/resident is moving out, there is no fee, but the removal form must be filled out and submitted along with a forwarding address.

All filled out forms and appropriate fees must be submitted to:

Donegal Township–PO Box 310–West Alexander, PA 15376 or dropped off at the Donegal Township Municipal Office, 34 N Liberty Street, W Alexander, PA 15376.

Failure to comply with Ordinance 96-1 could result in fines up to $1,000 if found to be in violation.

Occupancy Permit Application

Occupancy Removal Form


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