Departments & Boards

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Administrative Office: Sharon Balach, Secretary/Treasurer): 724-484-4017
  • Administrative Office Fax: 724-484-4029
  • Building Code Official (David Martin)
  • Earned Income Tax Office (Keystone Collections Group, 546 Wendel Road, Irwin, PA 15642 – Donegal PSD Code:  631004): 888-328-0558
  • Emergency Management Administrator (Zachary Prescott): 724-663-5254
  • Engineer:  (Senate Engineering)
  • Fire Marshall: (Eric Graham)
  • Police Department (John Yancosek, Chief ): 724-484-4023
  • Police Department Fax: 724-484-4026
  • Real Estate Tax Office (Tammy Martin): .  (Please note that Real Estate Taxes are to be paid to the tax collector, not at the township office.)
  • Road Department(Ed Kraushaar): 724-681-4040
  • Solicitor (Makel & Associates)
  • Water & Sewage Department (John Foris): 412-445-9145 WATER BREAKS ONLY Billing questions please call the office
  • Code Enforcement (Police Department): 724-484-4017
  • West Alexander Community Center (township office): 724-484-4017
  • Washington County Dog Enforcement: 

Monthly Meeting

The Donegal Township Board of Supervisors meetings are scheduled for the fourth Monday of every month at 7 pm in the public meeting room of the Municipal Office Complex, 34 North Liberty Street, West Alexander, PA  15376. The meeting is open to the public. If you want to be on the agenda, call the Municipal Office at 724-484-4017 no later than 12:00 PM on the Monday before the scheduled meeting.  Those wishing to ask questions are to submit them at that time in order to allow time for the review and investigation.  The meeting is conducted using a modified Roberts Rules of Order. Fifteen (15) minutes will be allotted during the meeting for public comment on agenda and non-agenda items.  Also, a time will be provided for residents to meet with a supervisor prior to the meeting adjournment.



Chairman: Edward Shingle Jr.: 724-484-7963

Vice Chairman: Michael Smith: 724-986-2757

Supervisor: Tammi Iams: 724-288-7182-5254
Supervisor: Kathleen Croft: 304-281-3989
Supervisor: Doug Teagarden: 724-484-9290

Park and Recreation Committee

(Projects include town gazebo, flagpole, memorial, outdoor basketball court, gymnasium complex and programming for the same)

The Park and Recreation Committee meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm.  The committee is currently inactive.  Please direct inquiry to the board of supervisors.

  • Jack Vensel, Chairman
  • Jim McMurray
  • Sarah Marie Vensel
  • Heather Bradbury
  • Michelle Moore
  • Scott Gray
  • Robert Wagner

Planning Commission

Planning Commission meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7 pm.

  • Jeri Zwicker, Secretary
  • Robert Morgan, Vice Chairman
  • Jodi Noble
  • Jeff Dittmer
  • Douglas R. Teagarden

Board of Auditors

  • Marcie Wright, Chairman
  • Katherine Prescott
  • Kathleen A. Gilmore

Vacancy Board

  • JD Martin, Chairman

McGuffey School District

School Directors – Representatives District I

Includes Blaine Township, Claysville Borough, Donegal Township (including Village of West Alexander)

  • David Haines
  • Rich Shriver
  • Susan Holmes


  • Earnest Duane Sprowls