Welcome to Donegal Township, PA

The purpose of this web site is to inform the people in the township of events and local happenings. Your comments are appreciated and useful. As you go around the site, you will see photos, an event calendar, phone numbers, etc. We are a township that is hard at work in meeting the needs of the people. We hope that these pages can be informative.

Donegal Township is the 3rd largest Township in Washington County (in terms of geographic size.) Our community is bordered by Ohio County, West Virginia and the following Townships in Pennsylvania: Independence, Blaine, Buffalo, East & West Finley. We are 42 square miles in land area which includes the Borough of Claysville and the former Borough of West Alexander. We have historic sites, covered bridges, the Old National Pike Road, Interstate 70, Dutch Fork Lake, lots of country roads, great scenery, farm lands, fresh air and plenty of friendly faces.